Talent is the key to our continued success. At Meta, you get the opportunity to work in a creative and dynamic environment. We are looking for a number of talented people who have the desires and ambitions to create innovative world-class web-based software solutions, from concept to market. Interested candidate please email resume to jobs@metatechnology.co.uk.

Teams and Roles

“ Continuously seeking for excellence- Our team at the forefront of technology and creating revolutionary products at gold standard”

Technical Excellence

Software Developer

Using accessible tools and informations develop the gold standard of software suite for different products

Architecture Developer

Architecture planning, Database management (Big Data), Image Processing (OpenCV, Stereo Vision, Identification & Tracking, etc)

Technical Solution

Understand customer requirements and achieve high level of technical design aiming for the simplicity

Technical Writing

Take complex information and communicate it clearly, concisely and accurately in technical hand guide

Hardware Engineering

Design and create off the shelf hardware features the most sophisticated technology

IT Support

Solving new technical challenges every day and adding improvement in our software performance from day to day

Business Management

Sales and Account Management

CRM and project manage the reseller and customer account in a professional standard

Product Design and Development

From conception to launch the product and turns customer feedback into development path for our products

Marketing and Social Communication

Technology marketing and positioning our product in the global competitive market. Involved in blog post, newsletter design, social platform updates, google marketing and etc.

Account and Operation

Design accounting process that support our multiple product in international sales. Simple project management, to ensure smooth delivery of services

Business Model and Distribution Channel

Made up of technologists, entrepreneurs and leaders and expand our business into global scales

Business Analyst

Core decision making group in product line management. This requires an analytical savvy, a problem-solving sophistication and drive the product into market place.

Multimedia and Design

Multimedia Developer

Combines graphics, text, sound, animation, and video to make the wired world a dynamic place

Website Developer

Survey latest tools and technology in building in house templates for all our products

Product Design

Continuous improvement on hardware features, spec and user friendliness.

2D and 3D Modeler

Highly skilled which requires considerable knowledge of lighting, perspective, materials and visual effects

Animation Design

Facial expression and animation to bring out the essence of our game design

User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UE) Design

Documentation styling and software portal styling to deliver a higher standard of corporate image in world market

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