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Artificial Intelligence

Blob tracking, Stereo Vision, Hungarian Algorithm, OpenGL

Android / iOS

Mobile Development

HTML5, Java, Objective C

Unity 3D

Multimedia Development

Augmented Reality, Scripting, Kinect, Animation, Textures, GUI styles


Graphic Designs

Visual Communication, Illustrator, After Effect, Wow Experience


Software Development

System Architecture, Reliability, Scalability, Quality


Product Design

Simplicity, Functional, Engineering, Aesthetic

Passionate in Product Development

Our team is passionate in technology and continuously looking for the excellence of our products.

303K hours

Research & Development

452K hours

Product Development

750K hours


675K hours

Customer Support

World Class Products

Centre of excellence in Research and Development. We are bringing all the brightest brain together to create revolutionary products in a global scale.

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We are a growing technological company that delivers state of the art, cutting edge innovative solutions. We lead the technological evolution to compete on a global scale.


We are looking for passionate and ambitious individuals to be a part of our team. Find out more about the opportunities to advance, and work alongside accomplished business leaders!

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